Department of Nursing

About Us

Among the basic requirements of the people Health Services has a special previlage and importance. However, in order to provide an effective health service to society, all the stakeholders needs to associate together and keep the sustainability of this unity. The nursing profession is the strongest predictor of the quality of health services. This is most probably because, from patients’ point of view the intensity of the care given is very high between nurses and patients.

The quality and the proficiency of the service given depend on the competence of the nurses and available conditions. The rapid change in the health sector, increase in competition both national and international arenas, the growing importance of the quality of health, the rising necessity of patient and caregivers satisfaction, have revealed that nursing education needs to be conveyed to the undergraduate level.

With this awareness Izmir University of Economics is planning to educate nurses who will;

  • enable to give education and serve to community in order to protect and improve the health of society, 
  • contribute to the proffesion and science by providing global knowledge,
  • culturally equipped,
  • have ethical principles and ability of being a team member,
  • be able to solve problems and make researches on their own proffession

Izmir University of Economics is known with its pioneering perspective since its establishment. Following this, our department, will enable its graduate to be specialized in a certain field with the guide of its dynamic and experienced academic team.  Course Program is designed according to Bologna Procedures. Addition to this in the final semester of the academic program, the willing students will have the chance to make their field studies in a foreign country from 3 to 12 months.

Finally, the exchange program for both academicians and students will let them to collaborate with their foreign colleagues, and help our students to benefit from getting a job in foreign countries.