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TURK 100  Turkish

Students will be taught how to use the written and verbal communication tools accurately and efficiently in this course. Various types of verbal and written statements will be examined through a critical point of view by doing exercises on understanding, telling, reading, and writing. Punctuation and spelling rules, which are basis of written statement, will be taught and accurate usage of these rules for efficient and strong expression will be provided. As for verbal statement, students will be taught how to use the body language, use accent and intonation elaborately, and use presentation techniques.

HEM 105  Fundamentals of Profession I

This course includes the historical development and philosophy of the nursing profession, the concept of profession and the process of profession, the concept of communication and its factors affecting communication, basic communication skills, research methods in psychology, nervous science and behavior, development and social psychology.

HEM 103  Fundamentals of Health I

This course covers the basic concepts of anatomy and physiology, anatomical terminology, cells, tissues, organization of the organs and systems, movement, the structure and function of the respiratory, circulatory and urinary systems.

ING 105  Academic Skills in English I

This is a compulsory English course which provides basic language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking at the beginning level.

IUE 100  Orientation and Career Planning

The course will help students recognize the skills needed for university life and their career goals. These skills include self-awareness, goal setting, time management, effective communication, mindfulness and analytical thinking. The course will also raise students’ awareness on problems such as addiction and bullying.

HEM 108  Fundamentals of Nursing - Clinics

This course covers primarily laboratory and then clinical application of basic nursing skills.

HEM 110  Fundamentals of Profession II

This course covers the knowledge and skills related to process of thinking, the importance of critical thinking, critical thinking strategies, and the development of critical thinking, interview techniques, counseling skills, illness approach with pain, anxiety, crying, etc.,

HEM 106  Fundamentals of Nursing

This course includes the knowledge and skills that enable students to acquire relevant competencies while practicing in line with the basic theory, concept, principle and method of the nurse.

HIST 100  Principles of Atatürk and History of Revolution

This course provides a general information of the events from the end of the 19. century until the end of the Turkish War of Independence and the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 and the following period until 1990’s.

ING 106  Academic Skills in English II

This is a compulsory English course which provides basic language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking at the beginning level.

HEM 112  Fundamentals of Health II

This course covers anatomical, histological and physiological properties of digestive, endocrine, genital, nervous systems and sensory organs, biochemical properties related to nutrition and metabolism and basic microbiology.

ING 205  Clinical English I

This course is designed for students in health care services to assist them in managing and performing tasks and duties by using the proper English to interact in real life health situations.

HEM 215  Internal Medicine and Surgical Nursing - Clinics

Internal and surgical diseases nursing fields; Neurosurgery, Urology, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine and Internal Polyclinics, Clinics, Gastroenterology, Chest Diseases, Cardiology, Neurology, Dermatology, Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Internal Intensive Care, Hemodialysis, ECG and Endoscopy , ENT, Emergency Departments, Operation Theater and Intensive Care, and theoretical knowledges

HEM 213  Surgical Nursing

This course covers basic concepts of surgical nursing, surgical asepsis, antisepsis, disinfection, sterilization methods, surgical patient nutrition, surgical site infections, wound and wound healing, preoperative, intoperative and postoperative nursing care.

HEM 211  Internal Medicine Nursing

This course covers the theoretical knowledge necessary for appropriate nursing approach to patient with internal disease problems (physiology and pathology, diagnosis-treatment methods, nursing care, prevention and rehabilitation).

HEM 209  Assessment of Health

This course contains the role of the cultures in assessing health, methods used for health evaluation, having the health story, physical examination, evaluation of life findings according to developmental periods, evaluating the individual's systemic and spiritual / social orientation from head to toe, and also food groups, body mass index, basal metabolism energy, calculation of daily energy requirement, nutrition education, nutrition recommendations in special situations and disease states.

HEM 207  Fundamentals of Health III

This course includes the topics in cellular responses to stress, cell injury and death, acute & chronic inflammation, tissue repair and wound healing, hemodynamic disorders, thromboembolic diseases, infarction, shock, neoplasia, pathology of infectious diseases, infectious diseases related to systems, host defense mechanisms, specific host infections, the effects of drugs on the body, the action mechanisms of drugs, the treatment approaches against adverse side effects and toxicity, the factors modifying the drug effect, and the personalization of the treatment.

HEM 216  Women's and Child's Health Nursing - Clinics

This lesson contains the development of nursing care management in gynecology, obstetrics and pediatric wards and its association with theoretical knowledge.

HEM 214  Child's Health Nursing

This course includes introduction to child health and diseases, child health problems in the world and in our country, standards and roles of pediatric nursing, ethical and legal problems, high risk children and families, growth and development according to age, screenings and health education. This course explains the needs of the healthy / sick child and his family, the responsibilities of the pediatric nurse, the nursing process, common problems in children, accidents and intoxications, and drug applications in pediatrics.

HEM 212  Women's Health Nursing

This lesson contains the importance of women's health, social and cultural factors affecting women's health, the anatomy and physiology of the reproductive system, physiology of pregnancy, the mother's physiology during pregnancy, prenatal and postnatal nursing approaches, diagnosis, treatment methods of gynecology and nursing care information.

HEM 208  Fundamentals of Health IV

This course covers the basic human and patient rights, legal responsibilities of healthcare professionals, ethical problems and solutions, risky and priority areas in patient safety, communication and teamwork, medical errors, root cause analysis, employee health, ethical and legal aspects in patient safety.

ING 206  Clinical English II

This course is designed for students in health services to enable them to improve their communication and organization skills in the areas of listening, writing, and reading to develop their emerging practical skills in English.

ING 405  Clinical English V

This course is designed for students in health care services to enable them to write effectively while fulfilling tasks and duties.

HINT 413  Medical Wards Nursing I

This course covers the development of nursing care management in internal clinics and its relation with theoretical knowledge.

HINT 411  Surgical Wards Nursing I

This course covers the development of nursing care management in surgical clinics and its relation with theoretical knowledge.

HEM 333  Nursing Practice

ING 305  Clinical English III

This course is designed to prepare students to apply their communication skills to interact in real life situations in English.

HEMST 304  Summer Training

Internship, covers field experience at any work place for 3 weeks. Students should follow the instructions stated in IUE Internship Guide in order to successfully complete their internships.

HEM 331  Management in Nursing

This course includes basic concepts related to management and nursing services administration.

HEM 334  Mental Health and Diseases Nursing

This course covers methods of protection from mental illnesses, symptoms of mental illnesses, care methods, legal processes and nursing care.

HEM 336  Public Health Nursing

This course covers the concepts of community health, community health and diagnosis, roles of nurses in developing specific health for different ages and genders, family health nursing, home care nursing, school health nursing and occupational health nursing that are subjects of public health nursing

HEM 332  Public Health Nursing and Mental Health and Diseases Nursing - Clinics

This course includes the observation, application and association of nursing care with theoretical knowledge in Public Health and Mental Health nursing practice areas.

ING 306  Clinical English IV

This course is designed for students in health care services to help them improve a professional level of communication.

HINT 414  Medical Wards Nursing II

This course covers the development of nursing care management in internal clinics and its relation with theoretical knowledge.

ING 406  Clinical English VI

This course is designed for health sciences students to enable them to document and explain patients’ history and findings by writing effectively and professionally in their field.

HINT 412  Surgical Wards Nursing II

This course covers the development of nursing care management in internal clinics and its relation with theoretical knowledge.

Elective Courses

HEM 220  Operation Room and Intensive Care Unit Nursing

This course covers the fundamental principles of operating room structure, architecture and management, patient positions in the operating room, task authority and responsibilities of the operating room nurse, patient and staff safety in the operating room, cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurological problems and nursing care in intensive care patients, appropriate nursing approaches in unconscious patient care, nutritional requirements of intensive care patients.

HEM 313  Geriatric and Home Care Nursing

This course contains knowledge and skills for students of all ages in need of care in healthy / sickly elderly and home / nursing homes and planning for appropriate nursing care

HEM 319  First and Emergency Aid

This course covers basic emergency medical and traumatic care.

HEM 340  Growth and Development of 0-6 Year Old Children

This course covers the description of growth and development, theories of growth and development, specific physical, emotional, social, cognitive development and normal deviations from 0-6 years of age and behavioral disorders frequently seen in childhood.

HEM 341  Ostomy and Wound Care Nursing

This course covers wound and ostomy care nursing importance, wound etiology, classification, diagnosis, complications of recovery stages, ostomy etiologies, types and nursing approaches.

HEM 345  ECG

In this course, information about waves in 12-lead ECG, properties of these waves, leads, rhythm reading, abnormal rhythm recognition, ECG reading and interpretation in pathological conditions will be discussed.

HEM 346  Professionalism in Nursing

This course covers Nursing Process and Critical Thinking, Professional Nursing Roles, Process of Change in Nursing, Politics and Economics in Nursing, Professional Strength in Nursing, Culture and Nursing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Nursing.

HEM 347  Nursing of ChronicDiseases

This course; chronic diseases and their importance, primary and secondary prevention, adaptation process and care in chronic diseases, chronic diseases and care, chronic pain and care, alternative and complementary care in chronic diseases.

HEM 350  Infertility and Family Planning

This course includes the definition and importance of family planning; the aims and benefits of family planning; population characteristics and population policies in the world and Turkey; importance of the nursing roles in family planning services and counseling; contraceptive methods; diagnosis and treatment of infertility.

HEM 400  Onkology Nursing

It aims that the students win knowledge and skills in Oncology Nursing, cancer epidemiology, risk factors, physiopathology, diagnosis and treatment methods and theoretical knowledge of early diagnosis, common cancer types, care of cancer patients, control of symptoms, home care and palliative care of the patient, and support to the patient and their family.

HEM 410  Intercultural Nursing

This course covers the concepts of health, disease and culture, cultural heritage in health, cultural behavior in health, communication between patient relatives and health workers in different cultures, experiencing a disease according to different cultures, transcultural nursing concept, transcultural care approach.

HEM 420  Concultion Liaison Psychiatry Nursing

This course covers the physical and mental state of the individual with physical illness, therapeutic communication, individual and group counseling for developmental and situational crises, loss process, burnout and job satisfaction experienced by nurses.

HEM 426  Transplantation Nursing

This course covers basic concepts in organ transplantation nursing, legal and ethical aspect of organ transplantation will be organ transplantation, preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative nursing care of the patient.

HUK 467  Health Care Law

Legal rules and practice about healthcare law in the light of “right to health” in relation of “right to live”, comparatively in national and international law.

İMT 310  Turkish Sign Language*

In this course, the history, alphabet, and basic concepts of Turkish Sign Language will be taught. Within the framework of this course, hearing individuals will be educated on sign language as a visual language, enabling them to have basic knowledge of the sign language to help deaf individuals in a variety of community settings such as hospitals, schools, courtrooms or police stations.

MI 370  Gender and Media

SB 220  Health Promotion

This course includes health related concepts, the dimensions of health, conditions and risk factors affecting health, health protection and promotion and the role of the nurse, healthy lifestyle behaviors, quality of life, holistic health, theories and models of health and health promotion, national and international health organizations, health promotion policies and strategies, development of health behaviors in society and health education.

SB 230  Speaking and Presentation Skills

This course includes theoretical knowledge and practices on effective speaking and presentation techniques.

SB 344  Movement and Dance

This course covers the meaning of movement and dance, its functions, health effects, communication, expression and empathy.

SB 360  Disability and Society

Handicap is a phenomenon that people come across not only in the face of diseases, but also in developmental periods of childhood, elderly, and even during pregnancy because of sociocultural deficits and lack of regulations. In order to follow a holistic treatment approach, it is important for health professionals to know the physical and environmental adaptations for decreasing the physical limitations, legal regulations, family lives and social adjustment of handicapped individuals, and to improve their communication skills with handicapped individuals.

SB 410  Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Health Sciences

YMİ 460  Language and Pronunciation in Communication*

Students will learn how to control their diction and pronunciation and then practice in several forms of speech. *This course could be taken without its credits being included in the total ECTS credits by the students who are enrolled in undergraduate programs in English. This course could be taken with its credits being included in the total ECTS credits by the students who are enrolled in undergraduate programs in Turkish.



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