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Our mission; in Nursing Department of Izmir University of Economics, which is a distinguished institution of high education and leads to community with universal quality, education and scientific researches, to train qualified nurses and academic personnel who can create the exchange, have leadership qualities, are social and thinking critically, can educate and give care services to improve and protect health for the community, have ethical values and team concept, have high self-confidence in solving problems and making research, give the health and care services with humanistic approach.



In Nursing Department, the education language is Turkish at the same time the students who are wish may attend 1-year the English Preparatory Program to the quota



The students are allowed to talk to or ask opinion of the academic staff whenever they want. Each student will have an advisor who will guide them on subjects such as course selections, internships, exchange programs, and graduate studies, etc.


The dormitory located on campus offers accommodation for students and meets their needs during their accommodation.


Faculty of Law students can benefit from student exchange programs such as ERASMUS.



 In our university, undergraduate students will have the chance to graduate education.


For 4 years except preparation

Course program in department of Nursing, contains both professional and applied courses such as: Fundamental of Nursing, Internal Medicine Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Obstetric and Gynecology Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Public Health Nursing, Nursing Education, and Nursing Management, and also clinical applications of these lessons.

In the 2nd and 3rd grades, there are applications 3 week summer internship.

Izmir University of Economics pledges not to terminate the scholarships due to grade point averages, or passing grade levels or courses, given that full attendance is provided. The duration for scholarships in Foreign Language Preparatory Program is maximum of 2 years; in Associate Degree (2 year) programs is maximum of 3 years; and in Undergraduate Degree programs is maximum of 5 years. The period of deferred registration, for students with justified and valid reasons, is added to their maximum scholarship period. (https://oim.ieu.edu.tr/tr/lisans-ve-onlisans-burslari----öğrenci işleri/lisans ve önlisans bursları)

Scholarships are awarded to students who continue with their education and classes. The scholarships are suspended in the event of: a) Failing to register for courses in any semester without a justified cause, b) Failing to meet the attendance requirement for foreign language preparatory class, c) Failing in Foreign Language Preparatory Program at the end of two academic years, d) Scoring NA grade (Non Attendant) in more than three courses even though the student renewed registration for the department/program he/she enrolled to. • If the students has a GPA of at least 2.50 and above, scholarship of the student cannot be suspended even if the student scores NA (Non Attendant) in more than three courses. However, these students are allowed for one time only within their maximum scholarship period to continue their education conditionally as a scholarship student in the following semester. The scholarships of those students, who succeed in foreign language preparatory class, and those who attend the classes they registered for regularly (not scoring NA in any courses) in the following semester/s, resume within their maximum scholarship period.

The Full Scholarship, Other Quota Scholarships, Diploma Scholarship, and International Student Scholarship will be terminated in the event of; a) Not renewing registration for two consecutive or intermittent semesters, b) Exceeding the maximum period of scholarship, c) Receiving a suspension from the school for at least one semester.



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